Heavenly Bounties is a non-profit organization that proclaims and defends the sanctity of human life. We have abortion counseling materials available to individuals, crisis pregnancy centers, businesses and pro-life organizations who share in the mission of the company.

Our products presently include:

  • a Brochure for pregnancy counseling describing the risks of abortion

  • a Poster similar to our outdoor painting but suitable for framed wall mounting.

"You're Considering an Abortion" Brochure

Our brochure for pregnancy counseling describes the risks of abortion. To see a description of this brochure or read it online, click here or on the image.

    Psalm 139 Poster

    We rejoice in God's pleasure with life as the psalmist describes it in Psalm 139. The NIV version of this text is displayed on an outdoor painting in rural Michigan. We have produced a poster of this painting that is available for purchase. For pricing and more information about the poster, click here or on the image.