Psalm 139 Poster

(suitable for framed mounting)

We rejoice in God's pleasure with life as the psalmist describes it in Psalm 139:

1. Lord, you search me and know me,
13. You created all of me, put me together in my mother's womb.
14. I praise you, because your works are wonderful; and I know it so well.
15. My limbs were not hidden from you, when I was put together in secret safety, when I was knit together in a dark place.
16. Your eyes caressed my embryo; and all my days were already formed, written in your book, before I lived even one of them.

(Translation by Dr. Arie Leder, professor of Hebrew, Calvin Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan, U.S.A.)

A 19 x 25 inch Poster suitable for framed mounting with Dr. Leder's translation is available. This version appears in the poster as seen in this image:

These prints make up into beautiful paintings when matted and framed to make a lovely addition to any home or pregnancy care center.  The poster measures 19 x 25 inches.  It is a similar copy of the Right-to-Life painting displayed on the display page.  It is printed on heavy parchment poster board. Click here for more information about the original artwork.

Prices are:    1 print/poster      $10.00
                 2-3 prints/posters     $ 7.00 each
                4-10 prints/posters    $ 6.00 each
              11-25 prints/posters    $ 5.00 each  

(These prices include shipping and handling charges.) 

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