About the Artwork...

This artwork is an 8' by 12' painting which faces a well-traveled road, in the front yard of Dr. Ronald Graeser and his wife, Gail. The Graesers commissioned artist Susan Waldrep of Shelby, Michigan to design and create the painting which displays the message of Psalm 139. They centered the painting behind their display of 680 white crosses - placed to spell "ABORTION", and to represent the number of abortions performed each working hour nationwide.

It was in the Fall of 1997 when Dr. Graeser added the 8 foot by 12 foot, outdoor painting to a sanctity-of-life display already on his lawn. He had been dismayed at how the media ignored the plight of unborn, aborted children. In his previous work as a pathologist, seeing the bodies of these victims instilled in him a desire to protect their lives.

Response to the display has been overwhelmingly positive. Once, when arriving home at dusk, he noticed two women standing at the foot of the painting. Concerned that it might be pro-abortion feminists intent on inflicting damage, he watched from a discreet distance. To his surprise, the two women were holding a private service.

Since the outdoor painting was raised in the fall of 1997, it has received local, state, and national publicity. Two months after the painting was up, the township zoning administrator cited Dr. Graeser for violating a sign ordinance. Concerned members of the community circulated and endorsed petitions in support of Dr. Graeser's freedom of speech and religion. The board met later in the next year to discuss his case, and after a lengthy argument, voted to allow the painting to stay up.

Today, countless travelers drive to view the painting and the display of crosses - a visible testimony and reminder that God loves and esteems life.